Friday, August 1, 2014

i got poked at the space needle. (can someone PLEASE tell pants to stop saying this??)

 yesterday we played hooky.  with mount rainier smiling on us the whole time.

downtown seattle!  whoo hoo! 

  pants loves to take terrible pictures of me.  he said, 'let me get a picture of you and shark'.  really?
 at least this one was better.  shark must be touching me at.all.times. 
 off to lunch and riding the monorail!  sharkey said seattle was like disneyland...



space needle time!  it's cool that you can just hop a monorail right to it.


 sky eating skittles and instagramming pics like crazy...his perfect day.  or mine ;)


  shark was on a hunt for the best souvenir...

   the blue angels were in town.  although this doesn't look good...
of course after we got home pants made me watch a pbs documentary with him all about the space needle and the seattle world fair of 1962, but it was worth it... 

i don't shave for sherlock holmes.

 our (weekday) routine:

people wake up ;)

sky wakes up EARLY, which is fine, but the rule is 'no bothering mom till after 7'.  I have been staying up waaay too late and rolling out of bed around 7:30-8ish, but hey, it's summertime and I have kids who *still* wake up in the night.  I like to putter around in the (pretty! new!) kitchen (put the dishes away, make the kids breakfast, make coffee) while the kids build legos, play toys, do sword smithing on the dining room know, the usual stuff.  now that the kids have acclimated here, and we instituted a 'no computer/xbox too early in the morning' rule (we were noticing video games were making the kids act SO MEAN to each other!), mornings at home are pretty happy again.  oh, and pants?  I have no idea when he wakes up...he wanders down for coffee and cereal at some point ;)

** this is a totally new schedule for us, btw.  I am usually a 'up and get ready at 6am' kind of person, and pants out the door to work by 8.  I feel like we are on vacation!

well, until 9ish, when I have to like, clean and actually do stuff ;)


pants works (I guess?) in his office, kids and I try not to bother him...although he does love to take a lot of coffee breaks, hmm.  and I've been using this time to clean/get the new house together.  i'm just gonna say it, i'm a little OCD about cleaning and organizing.  but it makes SUCH a difference when the kids can find the toy they're looking for, or if pants is like, 'i need...whatever' and i'm like, 'it's right your eyes, duh'. 

i can't think straight when my house is a mess, so i take the time to make it clean and pretty. 
i do have the boys help (they keep their rooms semi-neat, put their laundry away, clear the table, etc, and we do a downstairs toy pick-up every night), but let's face it, mom still does 90percent of it.  which is fine.  pants seems to really enjoy talking about our new vacuum and is clearly obsessed with the washington state recycling system (?), but i have yet to actually *see* him clean anything, so...



made by yours truly.  pants joins us, then helps me wrangle these crazies and get them ready to get out the door.  trust, it's a 2-man job.

(random picture...actually our last official picture of our old house - right before we walked out the door!)


pants works, the boys and i go out and do fun stuff.  sometimes pants joins us.  i just pack my cooler bag up with drinks and snacks, grab the beach bag if we need it, and head out, rain or shine (it's been like, 85degrees here almost every day so far though). sometimes i'll throw a target run in there, but i try to keep it to fun kid stuff (park, beach, zoo, etc).  you know the drill.  (obviously this will all change when the kids are back in school/organized activities, but for now it works out pretty well.)


dinner, hanging outside with our fun new neighbors, or we head to a skate park nearby or walk down to the pond if the boys get too nuts.  which is usually ;)  sometimes sky plays on his computer design programs at this time, too.  it's weird because since we started limiting video games with him, he has barely even been interested in playing them anymore. (yea!)  but sorry to all his buddies who keep trying to talk to him on xbox live!


7:30pm is my absolutely FAVORITE time of day...melatonin time, lol.  we give both boys their melatonin, and then we do the bedtime routine.  snack, bath (sharkey) shower (sky), maybe watch part of a movie to wind down, then books in bed.  we still read with our 12yr old - pants has read with sky almost EVERY night (that he is home) since sky was a baby!  it's sweet.  especially since pants and sky read a lot of the same books ;)  uh pants?  maybe get out of the young adult section a little bit?  they are both huge lord of the rings, harry potter, hunger games nerds fans.  i think they are reading the percy jackson series right now.

after the kids go to bed, it's like aaahhh.  pants and i are REALLY making an effort to be super patient and extra loving to the boys since the last few months have been so crazy, and it takes a LOT out of me to constantly keep my 'gentle mom' game face on.  i LOVE being with my boys, but they are tough ones!  and this move has been MAJOR (read: chaotic for months!), which is why we are now trying to get things back to low-key and orderly.  so after the kids go to bed is my 'me' time where i can just relax, eat a little junk food, and watch real housewives of whatever on our new couch.  like I said, aaahhh...

also at night, pants works more, i actually take a real shower, and sometimes we zone out in front of Sherlock or watch house hunters with the sound off (i don't know why this is so funny to us).  i usually blog and do emails/facebook at this time too.  we are averaging a 1am bedtime, oops.  probably should make that a little earlier...especially since we also just got a nice new bed!

you're gonna need a bigger boat.

on saturday we went out boating with my friend denise and her family and some friends.  it was sooo much fun!  especially for this guy...
a dog on a boat!  could life BE any better for an 8yr old?!
I can't believe I even got in the water...


contemplating the vast sea...or just waiting for his turn on the tube...
oh, you know, and just a view of mount ranier the whole time...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the best is Yeti to come... know how when your husband is barely home for like a year (work travel), then he suddenly starts working from home and is ALWAYS there?  yeah, me too...
and we like it!  pants is LOVING working from home. I have no idea why, probably because he doesn't have to shower.  I thought it was just a temporary situation, but he is preeetty excited to just walk down the hall and then BOOM.  at the office in five seconds.   and I like that he is home to help with the kids!  it's been (expectedly) hellish a little dicey with these sensitive kids going through such a big move.  I think the low point came last week when pants asked, 'are they ALWAYS like this?'

whaaa?  these two angels?

yes pants.  yes, they are.  thank the Lord for skate parks and swimming holes...

 but this week seems to be a turning point, and things have calmed down now that we upped the melatonin doses are back in a routine and the house is mostly set up.  (the house, you guys!  I just love it.  i'll do a separate post all about the house with pics soon.)  this area is so, so beautiful, and we really feel at home here.  and since the boys are on summer vacation, it's been great going exploring pretty much every afternoon...

learn from the master, boys...

i swear I was taking a picture, not playing candy crush ;)


Saturday, July 26, 2014

we're alive. i think??

I've *almost* recovered from the road trip up.  it's only been what, 2 weeks? ;)

we took 3 days to drive from southern california to seattle.  we pulled our car with our minivan, and I felt pretty much like a beverly hillbilly the whole time.
aside from spilling scalding hot coffee ALL over pants' lap in the first twenty minutes of the trip (oops), day one was happy sunshine and smiles.  except for this next picture where all the kids look totally uneasy, lol.  this was when we stopped in LA to say a (sad!) goodbye to michael and jill and baby tallulah...

we will miss these darlings, all three of them :(

and then we hit the road for real.  that saturday the boys were (oddly) perfect angels (thank you secret roadtrip toy/candy bag!), and we powered through to redding, cali that night.  the next day...not so.  sharkey MELTED.  for like, hours?  I don't know, I think I blocked that entire leg of the trip out...anyone who's made a major life move with VERY sensitive children knows how awesome it is ;)  but once we got to portland late sunday afternoon (we stayed at the same hotel we stayed at last time we were there), the boys could swim and we went out to one of our favorite local burger places, and everything was good. well, except for the freezing cold milkshake sharkey accidentally spilled ALL over pants' lap.  i'm sensing a trend...

I couldn't even LOOK at all the last-minute stuff pants' had crammed in the back of the van...*cringe*

I will say it was a BEAUTIFUL drive. 

and once we were in the walls of pines, I felt HOME.  

I wanna say...Shasta?  I think? 
  our new home!  just kidding ;)
we made it to the new house around noon on monday, just in time to meet the realtor and the moving truck.  and the neighbors next door who have a huge dog the boys immediately fell in love with.  and the local jimmy john's.  and so our northwest adventure begins!