Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I know, I start a new blog every week ;)  BUT.  this time it's gonna stick!  meet me over at [the paper cafĂ©] for something new and totally FUN!!!

wanna see (a little bit of) my new house?

I loooove our new house. even in the summer, it gives off a cozy, thanksgiving-y, sunken living room-ish vibe. but also with high ceilings and tons of bright windows ;) it has bunnies in the backyard, and the quirkiest layout I've ever seen (like, you can say goodbye to someone in the kitchen, both go separate ways up separate stairs, then meet again like, three seconds later. awkward.)

it's definitely a 'grown-up' house, but with a really good dose of fun northwest character. we're talking wood trim EVERYWHERE. i'm in love with it.
the neighborhood is really pretty, lots of trees. except right now there's a drought and everyone's lawn is dead. but the neighbors are SO NICE! reminds me of our most recent cali neighborhood, just great, friendly people happy to be there, all the kids and dogs going in and out of each others' houses ;) it's two cul-de-sacs of about 25 houses, maybe? sandwiched in another larger neighborhood that sharkey's school is in. the library and trader joe's are right down the street. so, perfect. 

it feels so right, it can't be wrong.
IMG_1931 we've lived in I think, 5 houses (and 4 early-on apartments) so far? 1 in michigan, 3 in cali, now in seattle. yikes. I've loved aspects of all the houses we've been in, but aside from our cali condo that we lived in when the kids were little (we just have sooo many great memories there!), i really haven't felt this much fondness for a physical space since our very first house - a little tiny royal oak bungalow just outside detroit. smallest.house.ever. ;) but filled with our very first somewhat-pathetic DIY projects (pants' redid the entire kitchen and made the cabinets FROM SCRATCH, I painted crazy geometric-patterned walls in the bathroom, we built a couch together - waaaa??) and there were ALWAYS random people over at any random time. (this is pretty much a trend with us though. come over, anytime.) a lot of them were pants' hungry musician friends. so I was always in the kitchen, baking bread and big pots of chili (to feed said hungry musicians), baby sky entertaining everyone with his alfred hitchcock cheeks. not big, not updated, but cozy and fun. there may or may not have been a lavender painted ceiling (we were YOUNG, you guys).
so ahem, back to the house we're actually currently living in ;) this house is definitely a 'roots' kind of place, which is a new thing for us. (but with lots of design potential thrown in.) we are planning to stay here for real, like, a looong time. mostly since the last move almost killed me. oh, and remember, we JUST moved in less than 2 months ago and we got rid of 15 major pieces of furniture when we moved!! so excuse any barrenness, large stark white walls, and lack of curtains. trust, there WILL be shopping ;)
i'll do a separate kitchen/dining room/entryway/lego room post at some point.  it is SUCH a luxury to cook in a newly renovated kitchen! even if it isn't my *exact* style, I am soooo thankful for it!! (ignore the white pantry door - it's being repainted soon!)

our house is under massive foliage attack, by the way. but it sure is pretty.



i think i'm falling in love again...

...with being a stay-at-home mom ;) I am starting to REALLY enjoy being home, in a way I haven't in a long, long time. I keep talking circles about working/not working but the bottom line is, my kids want me there when they get home. and help in the school. and drive them to robotics club. and just, be there. so, i'm there ;) and i do have some super fun projects I am secretly working on while they're in school, which may or may not turn into something monetary in the future. so who knows!

the funny thing for me is that pants is working at home. the first two weeks the kids were in school, honestly I was so weirded out that pants was around that I was NEVER home, LOL! lotta errand running and house (thrift!) shopping and library crawling going on! of course now that i'm finally getting comfortable with it, he left this morning to go out of the country for the next week ;)

help me please, with these two all on my own for the next 7 days!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

you can't rent a car with shower curtain rings, del.

on saturday we went to bainbridge island with my pal denise and her two girls.  it was cool because we got to take the light rail train to seattle, then a ferry over to the island.  we LOVED the ferry!  and I don't mean just the boys, even pants and I thought it was the coolest thing...
  ferry time!  
 what's better than popcorn and a ferry ride?
the shark was ALL OVER the boat. he had a great time going up and down every flight of stairs/all the decks the whole way there.
 once we got to bainbridge, we walked to the cutest downtown.  it was like, 2pm and we hadn't eaten lunch yet though (just snacks on the ferry), so we stopped at this cool little deli...but I was panicky about the kids being hungry and got a little flustered trying to order before the boys filled themselves up on root beer, and it took me awhile to figure out something that sky would actually eat.  so...sorrypantsforbeingsnappywithyou.  all good in the end though!
then we walked around, got coffee (yes!), and then ice cream.  I had lavender (ok, and also maybe a scoop of maraschino cream cherry too...) and it was so good.
  sharkey was a bit of a wild man all day, probably because of lunch late and too many treats.  but he's kind of always like that anyway, so...here's an example - a pic of me and sky:

  aaaand a pic of me and sharkey:
um, yeah ;)
in the middle of town they had this cool tree where everyone could walk by and write 'what motivates you'.  of course I wrote 'coffee'.  some random smart alec wrote this, ha:
 pants grabbed a shot of all of us on our devices waiting to get back on the ferry.  thank GOODNESS I had sky's old DSI in my purse for sharkey to play with so he'd sit still for five minutes, lol.  and what is denise laughing at?  and who am I smiling so freaking huge at?!
  almost back to the mainland...
 oh, seattle. 
  we might love you...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

bigfoot doesn't believe in you either.

friday at snoqualmie falls.
   this one.  never.stops.moving.